Have you manage operations for a manufacturing company?

Have you manage operations for a manufacturing company?


Job Description

We are looking for someone with experience running a manufacturing business involving consumer products. You must have been a CEO, or VP of operations, etc..., who understands the day to day operations involved in sourcing, receiving, inventories, production line, assembly, and shipping. It is okay if your company had failed but only if it was due to an unrelated aspects (such as marketing or takeover - not product quality for example).

We need to consult with you on setting up our operations. If you are in the USA this can involve a serious hiring opportunity as well.

Please explain to us exactly how you were involved in the day to day operations and decision making/financial management of this business. Please also only apply if you are from western nations where the salary is high, because this completely changes the dynamics of management. USA, EU, AU, and similar regions are acceptable, but India, China, and similar nations where the hourly salaries are much lower can not apply to our regions. Please, if you understand this, begin your application with the words "I understand."

If you are in India, China, or similar country PLEASE do not apply, because your experience can not apply here.

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