Head of Sales and Business Development

Head of Sales and Business Development


Job Description

We are looking for an exceptional intelligent, enthusiastic and experienced individual to head our sales and business development activities for our hair loss treatment product TRX2 (www.trx2.com).

Your responsibility will include:

- researching, contacting (email + phone) and closing deals for our wholesales program
- researching, contacting and closing deals for our affiliate programn (http://www.trx2.com/store/trx2-affiliate/)
- corresponding and closing deals with potential sales representatives in foreign countries (asia, taiwan, kuwait, etc.)

Your tasks initially will take around 2-3 hours per day/5 days a week initially.However, there is a prospect of getting you involved with other tasks and hire you for more hours/responsibility if wished. We are looking for a long-term working relationship with you with many years to come.

If interested please

1) briefly tell us about your previous (related) experience with sales and business development.
2) do you have any experience with online accounting software, online affiliate software - e.g. clickinc? Do you feel comfortable speaking over the phone? Please provide me with 2-3 sentences about this
3) go to our website www.trx2.com and spend 5 minutes reviewing the site and tell us what you would do different and/or your suggestions for improvement (general or specific)

Please note that we can only consider applications which get back to us with 1) - 3), this helps us to get an idea about you and also to filter from the wealth of applicants.

Looking forward to hearing from you,