Help Me to Manage my Travel Site

Help Me to Manage my Travel Site


Job Description

Look at my travel site.

I am need of a makeover to this site. I want to make this site a portal to book travel from. Have people get information on travel destination from articles.
use my Affiliates to book travel products and have online store

at this time, my site is coming in quite slow, its in wordpress
i need someone to help me manage this site and work on it on an ongoing basis.

Need some who can keep the load times fast and content high,
This is What Requirements of the Site I am looking at:
Plans for Project of

Aim to make site more attractive
Find a new platform to present site on, using wordpress, if another one is more workable go to that
Make site more refined
Keep load times fast with all the content
Make it a site people want to go to and stay have lots of content to read
Have many articles listed for people to read
Make this a money making site,
Make Subdomain site - of booking page to book travel etc under “Let Me Plan Your Trip”
Booking site will use my Affiliates such as Contiki, hostel bookers, API files as that already there, set up in way to have it that people stay on my site to book travel
Change all my blogs under My Travels, more attractive, be able to have more of photos in there.
Home page have the most recent articles shown
Other suggestions of how to make $ from using affiilates or ways to book travel?
Other ideas you may have on how I can set my site up for people to be able to book travel from
Have a news and events section
Have banners in background of affiliates, that people can click on
Articles we have are giving positive review of affiilates etc
Have better advice page where people can ask me questions and get me to book travel for them
Have a forum page - discussion forms
Newsletter sign up
Platform for other poeple to sign up and post their own artiles and trip stories
Examples of sites to use from : These sites listed are where I am getting the ideas from , follow example from the following:

msg me with your ideas on this.

You will be part of this operation. This is a major project.

Skills: travel-arrangements, keyword-research, internet-browsing