Help needed in Germany . Are you a local?


Job Description

Hello All!

My husband is undergoing surgery n the BG Klinik in Ludwigshafen.
And I am flying in to be with him shortly.

We are both foreigners and don't know any German or enough about this town.

We need help in getting around, conversing and transacting with local businesses, translation/conversational help with doctors or other services - and general advice on how we can make our journey in Germany a safe and budget friendly one.

I am arriving in Frankfurt on 19th & need help with transport advice/arrangement to Ludwigschafen.

Next I need advice on which hotel and hotel tariff when staying in ludwigshafen - closer to the hospital the better. I would then need ur help in booking it too. All payments/expenses incurred will be paid on actual and immediately.

Next I would need u to speak with the staff at the hospital and help me understand their protocol and what they have planned for my hubby, get me relevant contact numbers and so on. I would also need your help in facilitating him get certain services.

I would like to consider the possibility of you being able to go meet him and check if he needs any help. All expenses paid trip.

Need to get a SIM card over to him and such errands to make a man comfortable in a hospital where he understand no one or can speak to no one to get his job done.

I would need your telephone number and constant availability on phone - in the event I hire you. You may not be physically required, but if I am stuck with conversational skill, having your number will help me tremendously.

Just general help to make our stay easy/comfortable & safe.

If you think this is something you would enjoy doing - please contackt me right away.
I hope you have skype for me to interview you on & hire you RIGHT AWAY.

Needless to add you BEING near Ludwigshafen/manheim/frakfurt - would be a decided advantage.
And that u have to be fluent in German.

New to odesk? Do not hesitate to apply - if you can help!

Skills: facilitating, travel-arrangements