High Level Technical Spec - GIS

High Level Technical Spec - GIS


Job Description

I require a short high level technical specification document written on developing the following solution:

Google Maps Application or similar that is used privately for a logistics company that needs to map online the location of every Woolworths supermarket in Australia.

Once that is done we will require an overlay of over 300 logistics sites from around the country. The key business outcome is for us to be able to accurately click on the application the route and distance from each logistic site to each supermarket.

Attached is the list of Woolworths Super markets. At this stage we do not have a list of the logistics sites but it will be around 300 locations.

Your document should outline the following:
The technology / application that is to be used and why
Skills required to complete the task
Estimate time and effort needed
Any software license fees or estiamtes
How will it remain private or any other issues that we should think of when developing this application.

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