High Quality Show Reels

High Quality Show Reels


Job Description

Video Editors

We are looking for expierenced editors who can edit existing work of artists into a dynamic showreel of different lenghts. Mention your time zone as we work 24/7 in delivering artists there showreels.

Please only apply for this job if you have previous experience making showreels and can prove it to us by showing us a demo of your previous work with some information about how long the items took you to produce and what exactly you did for the pieces . We will also require a quick turn around so immediate availability is a must along with the passion and dedication to take on such a project to enhance your portfolio.

You will be provided with 10 or 20 scene s/videos which you have to download andthen trim that video into parts in a particular time scale,the reference video is like this one:

Our selection process criteria would be a contractor having:

* Good video editing skills

* Positive feedback on similar work

* Ability to deliver reliably in the timeline

* Speaking and writting English is a must.

If you're well placed to help with this requirement, we look forward to receiving your application. We may have additional regular work in the future for the right person since we would be requiring 5 up to 10 showreels a week.

Take your time to read all what is asked before replying asap,we don't want to waist your time so don't waist ours by e-mailing us stuff we do not need !