Highly skilled iOS Developer

Highly skilled iOS Developer


Job Description

Needs custom chat app made.

I need someone who is very experienced in coding for iOS to develop a custom text-message app for the iPhone. This app is similar to WhatsApp, LINE or Viber, but without voice. It will only be for texting and have a few other new features.

This job needs to be done right, I am less concerned about time and more concerned about performance and quality. I am an interaction and graphic designer and have completed a detailed click thru storyboard and all the graphic design. After the NDA is signed I will give you all the details need.

Someone who can implement my UI designs and workflows.
Someone who has a 5 star rating
Someone who takes pride in their work and polishes their code until is shines.
Someone who speaks english well.

Next Step:
Please reply with examples of your previous work. If I like your pervious work, I will reply and give you more details. When you reply start by typing the words: Kevan Code. This way I know you took the time to read my description instead of just replying to all new submissions.



Skills: english