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Job Description

I'm looking for someone to retrieve contact data for restaurants from a Belgian website. There will be around 700 entries. Below you can find the scraping process. I have a customized online data-input form, linked to a Google spreadsheet. The website is in English, however, the contractor will need to retrieve some information from Dutch websites.

The scraping process:
All content should be entered in the following form:

1. In the "Name" field enter 'a'
2. In the "Zip code" field enter zip codes from excel sheet (see attachments)
3. Click "Search"
4. For each result, click on the thumbnail
5. Copy the restaurant name in the "Name" field of the form
6. Copy the restaurant street name & number (listed below Fax.) in the "Street address" field of the form
7. Enter the zip code in the Postcode field of the form
8. Copy the phone number (listed next to Tel.) in the "Phone number" field of the form
9. If available, click on "Visit the website" and GO TO STEP 14
10. If no website link is available, go to (that's NOT!)
11. Search for the name of the restaurant AND the name of the city
12. If the restaurant website show up click on the link and continue below, otherwise GO TO STEP 17
13. Copy the website address in the "Website url" field of the form
14. On the website look for an email address (do not spend more than 1 minute on this!)
15. If you find an email address enter it in the "Email" field of the form
16. Click continue then click "Submit another response"
17. GO BACK TO STEP 5 and continue with the remaining results
*Repeat this process for all 26 letters of the alphabet (a-z)*

Then repeat this process for all Zip codes (Postcode)
but start with STEP 2. These communities have fewer than 10 entries, so they do not require alphabetical input.

Contact data on Dutch websites is in general easily retrievable.
This is a standalone project, however, I will be posting more scrape jobs in the near future.

Skills: english

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