I Need A General Transcriber (Newbies are Welcome)

I Need A General Transcriber (Newbies are Welcome)


Job Description

Hi Odeskers,

I am looking for a Professional General Transcriptionist who are willing to work full time or part-time to do at home transcription , to transcribe clear and good Audio Interview's(2 speakers) under certain specifications and format.

Strictly please provide your skype Id:

Should have following QUALIFICATION:

- Good command of the English language/communication skills
- Typing speed of at least 50 wpm with 99.99% accuracy
- Knowledgeable in MS Word/Office Tools
- Fast and reliable internet connection required.
- Must be able to communicate through Skype always
, or mobile phone
-You can able to proofread your own work
- Flexible schedule as this can be time consuming
- Professional, highly motivated and with good work ethics
- Can meet strict deadlines of 8-10 hours turn around time for 1 hour audio file
- Can work under minimum supervision
- Express Scribe transcription software is a must.
-you able to under go to cleaning process to able to pass like audio test

NOTE:rate is 0.15 c per audio minute

Newbies in Odesk are welcome to apply with experience in General transcription but not necessary

We will pay in Odesk by 15 and 30 of the Month

Strictly please provide your skype Id:


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