I Need You To Animate a Lot of Things for a UDK Game


Job Description

My name is Dylan, and I'm representing Frostbite Games.

We are looking to hire a talented, and efficient animator, who follows directions well, and can work from description. Due to the fact that we are indeed working from description, revisions will be expected to achieve the desired results.

We are looking to animate around twenty five weapons,

Four different characters (walking styles, sprinting styles, crouching movement styles, as well as prone movement styles),

Four different zombies (standing movement styles, hopping movement styles, crawling movement styles (legless), sprinting movement styles, as well as attacking movement styles (hand combat)),

And far more, which should all be extremely fluid, and should be optimized to run smoothly on todays PC's.

Please leave a quote regarding your hourly wage, time we can expect you to take for each animation (rough estimate), as well as a complete project price (for what we have listed). These should be rough, as we're working from description, which you do not have yet.

We look forward to working with you,
Dylan Hubel
Frostbite Games

Skills: games