IOS App creation needed

IOS App creation needed


Job Description


Here is a short summary what I need.

APP for IOS (Ipad / Iphone) with the following functions:

I am partner of an affiliate program for products and I want to recommend this products with the app.

There is a big competitor which offers also many of this products, but for a price which is more expensive.

So there should be the possibility to search for a product - there is also a search box integrated and possibly there is also this method with an API, but I am still waiting for the details for accessing it.

Both prices should be seen and the price difference should be shown - would be nice like "You save xy %" on this product.

There should be also the possibility adding the products to the "cart" as easy as possible - normally the link should be tracked when adding a special parameter, but they also support URL tracking when seeing a special http_referrer - I do not know if it works in IOS browsers.

The browsing function should be integrated in the app, because only sales on the website of the company will be credited for affiliate provision.

In my opinion the app would be ok with just a few tabs.

Startscreen -> including search for products
Recommendations -> Products in different categories (possibly fetching from top sale lists)
Tab for ordering with integrated webbrowser
Contact to us

Please give me a short reply and I will inform you about the missing details by PN to make sure you can give me a correct quote for the project.

Regards and thank you


PS: I have basic knowledge in programming APPS, so I know that this job is not really complicated. Please notice that price is a quote, I am waiting for yours.

UPDATE1: Thanks for the first applications. We will prepare more details and we will inform all applicants within 1 day through PM.

UPDATE2: We like applications with link to portfolio or / and existing apps included. Please allow one day for first replys.

UPDATE3 - 8:37 CEST: We are still waiting for the information how to use API, and we will add this information in the "interviews" we will start in around 12 hours.

UPDATE4: We are sorry for the delays in "interviewing", now we have got much more information about the API access and we will prepare a complete information document lately in the next 24-30 hours, it is now Sunday CEST 9:35 here.