IOS - Classified Ads

IOS - Classified Ads


Job Description

IOS - Classified Ads

We need a Developer for IOS who can delivers professionalism, scheduled deliveries, once a week feedback (at least).

VERY IMPORTANT: Please check the screen flow attached to this post

We can improve document specs, provide full project assets, and full working webservices and help with problems in the development process.
We are working on a long term business relationship, because we will have a lot of projects this year.

All the info will be on the web-services that will provide to the selected developer.

- Classified ads may be of two kinds: regular or featured (WS)

User will be able to:

- Search classified ads by: (WS)
-- Proximity, category, keywords, advanced search.

- Save search parameters and classified ads (Store Local BBDD)

- Contact the persons who post the classified (WS)

SO: IOS 6 and above.

Skills: web-services, cache-database

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