Illustration & Modification of an Image

Illustration & Modification of an Image


Job Description

There is a simple Fantastic Four image with the four of the characters standing there against a plain, black background (attached). I'm looking for a artist to re-create this image in color and as realistically as possible as a hand-drawn illustration. I want a little bit of comic-style flare but not too much- mostly I want it to look exactly like the photo, with very saturated, strong, futuristic, vibrant coloring.

The only adjustment is that their faces will be replaced with the faces of four of my friends (I will send you several pictures at multiple angles so you can accurately reconstruct them). There will be a large 15 character title at the top and their names & the character names written below them. I will send this text to the chosen artist.

The deliverable is a digital version of the image 27"x18"; at least at 300dpi. Digital art is fine or if you do pen&paper, you'll need to scan it.

1) I'm looking for a high quality, detailed comic illustration, not a quick knock-off as I'd like to print this and keep it forever; put your own flare into it.
2) I'm looking for a talented artist and I need to see your portfolio- please send a link
3) Bonus points if you can get started right away and it can be done before Friday this week.
4) If feasible, we can work out afterwards a way for me to pay you to have the original shipped to me in Texas.

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