Illustration/design for mobile app and sales collaterals


Job Description

I'm developing a mobile app, and will need to sell this mobile app to merchants (i.e. shops). I need a designer for the following:

1. Do some mock-ups of a small mobile app. (I already have rough layout of all the pages, I just need a designer to use photoshop/illustrator to draw it out). Purpose of this mock-ups is so that I can show merchants during the sales process.

2. Provide illustration/design for a single-page website, which gives an overview of this mobile app.

3. Design product logo and branding.

4. Design namecard.

5. Provide illustration/design for a 3-page A4 size hand-out, to sell the product.

6. Provide illustration/design for an email document, to sell the product.

7. Provide illustration/design for a marketing flyer, which will be handed out by shops to consumers.