Image Search Engine with Location Search

Image Search Engine with Location Search


Job Description

I want to create an image search engine that is searchable by location. Specifically, I want to have a spider/crawler that indexes and possibly grabs images from around the web, with a focus on mobile image upload services (flickr, twitpic, instagram, etc.)

I then want to be able to search these results by geotagged location and by timestamp (ex. within 1 mile of LAT/LONG or LOCATION and between 10:05 am and 10:10 am.)

I have looked at using something like Apache Lucene / Tika for the search component, with a graphical geocoder on the front end.

In your response, please describe your experience building a search engine, as well as with geocoding. Please also describe your ideas of how you would complete this project, and estimates for time/cost.

Please contact me with any questions. Thank you!

Skills: apache, internet-applications