Impeccable English / Superior and Supreme Understanding of Native English

Impeccable English / Superior and Supreme Understanding of Native English


Job Description

Please do not apply if you aren't an English speaking Master/genius.
Very high IQ needed.

Subject matter is highly complicated having to do with website development and social media management.

This stuff is no walk in the park. Be ready for a challenge.
If this is for you, you could possibly have a long time position.

Communication is #1.

If you effortlessly speak English and know how to read in between the lines then this could be for you.

The ability to speak and understand common and native English is the absolute number one priority for this position. It will be very clear from our conversation on Skype if you in fact qualify for this role.

I apologize for being so stern with requirements, but it is absolutely vital that top top top top top tier English speaking, writing and comprehension is what you possess.

Please respond to this with your interest.

The other things that are important is someone that is really good and saavy with computers and applications.

Able to teach themselves new things using the web as a resource....learning how to think fast and make decisions in a fast paced environment.

Micromanagement is not my style, but I will if needed and it would be great if I could find someone that doesn't require this type of management in order for them to self-start and be able to gauge what they should be working on based on the overall goals of the company and our clients.

This role will involve some account management / an eye for design / an ability to use cloud based software / an ability to manage multiple tasks and multi-task.

A "can do" attitude is a must along with a very high attention to detail and an ability to quickly analyze data/info and come up with the most logical and sensible conclusion.

Good luck. if you aren't able to speak and understand native english and able to "read between the lines", please don't waste your time or mind, kindly.

Good luck

Skills: english, management, design

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