Independent Sales Agents Wanted


Job Description

We are a new creative web development agency who requires people to work as sales reps for us in a freelance position. We have an extremely talented group of people, what we don't have are sales people.

We are not looking for traffic, we are not looking for suppliers, we are not looking for designers or developers, we are looking for SALES.

We offer web design, web development, custom CMS, logos, graphic design etc. please see for more details.

We require a 60% deposit, from the client, upon agreeing the project and before starting any work, and the remaining 40% before delivering the project to the client.

We are willing to pay anyone who delivers sales for us a 30% commission. That means with our basic prices starting from £195 to £1,995, you will earn at least £60 to £600 per project. We will pay 50% of your commission upon the first payment from the client, and the remainder upon completion of the project, we do this to make sure you remain active with the client throughout their project. Other incentives will be put in place later on and a basic salary arrangement maybe negotiated once your talents are proven.

This is an opportunity to make serious money for someone who really wants to work hard to get sales for us.

Kindly note that even though it is a freelance position and we don't expect you to tell what sales you will be able to get, you are required to get at least 2 sales within the first month.

Please do not hesitate in getting in contact should you require further information.