Infusionsoft + twilio

Infusionsoft + twilio


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infusionsoft + twilio

need a program or api created that will allow me to use infusionsoft & for handling text messages and phone calls.

Both and have api's and very large user bases.
lots of 3rd party apps and integrations for both companies...

currentlyi use to hanle sending out SMS text messages using infusionsoft since infusionsoft doesnt have a native txt messaging feature.

for calls i use infusionsofts native application to make my phone calls using. So heres the problem infusionsms is 50 dollars a month plus 3cents a txt so i want to use twilio instead for 0 dollars a month and 1cents a txt by the way infusionsoft is sending an http post to infusionSMS and then infusionsms send out the text message. The other problem is that infusionsoft phone calling service is 15 cents a minute i would prefer to use twilio which is 2 cents a minute (NOTE: way infusionsoft is using callfire to handle the phone call.) Also, on the
phone calling front.. i have about 20 "custom" phone numbers that are tracking
phone numbers. they are on different websites and marketing materials and serve as a way to track which marketing campaigns are generating the most calls. if one of the numbers is called, i know that the marketing to that particular custom number is workiing. I use twilio to host my phone numbers.
i would like to trigger an event within infusionsoft so that when one of the phone numbers is called, a new lead is created in infusionsoft. also, all future
calls from that phone number need to be monitored...

So im assuming that i can just send some type of http post to twilio and then that it could send the txt message out etc same for the phone call please look at the site because i would like to create identical functionality. Or a simpler soulutions if you can come up with one that will allow me to send text messages out of infusiosoft in addition to allowing me to use certain infusionsoft merge fields for the purpose of personalizing the text message ie the (firstname) merge field etc....

also, this service looks like there is already a pre-built bridge for the APIs to talk.

Looking for an ELEGANT and CLEAN solution....

So, in summary, looking to

A) send out SMS from twilio and have it recorded in infusionsoft.

B) monitor inbound phone numbers from twilio hosted number into infusionsoft.


I have a budget of $1000 however the final contract will be done hourly and the best programmer with the best price and feedback score will win.

1) please apply with a description of your EXPERIENCE using both twilio and infusionsoft. Must be familiar with both.


Skills: infusionsoft, marketing

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