Innovative Graphics Designer and Illustrator Required for Branding of Exciting New Website

Innovative Graphics Designer and Illustrator Required for Branding of Exciting New Website


Job Description

Are you ready to be part of an amazing new company?

Sick and Tired of working for un-artistic clients who can't communicate what they want?

Are you ready to be part of an amazing new online exercise company?

I need an amazing graphics person who can design logos, page layouts, e-book covers, business card’s, Social Media profile graphics and brand my new websites.

I will explain exactly what I need and when so you won't have to try to figure out what I want. It's my goal to give you parameters to work within but enough room so you can be creative.

You must have pro-design aesthetics, be driven and know how to take charge, be a master of Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator, and have fluent English so we can have productive discussions.

You must have a high speed internet connection. Your duties will be to work with me to conceptual new innovative designs. You will also be responsible for posting images to social media sites (so being comfortable (or willing to learn) how to update images in Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, Youtube, Google Plus and Pinterest is essential).

You MUST takes pride in your work and makes polished looking products

Please don’t apply to this posting if you do not have any previous work you can show.

The $200 is just a place holder. Compensation will be based on the amount of work the project requires.

I am looking for someone to work with on an ongoing basis.

You will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Form (NDA) when you are hired.

This is a really easy job for someone who knows what they are doing.

The brand needs to be fun and relaxed. The designer needs to be innovative and imaginative.

No templates to be used, I can spot these from a mile as I have a lot of corporate experience and they are too business like.

The successful candidate needs to be an all-rounder who can draw engaging illustrations that are appropriate to the article (cartoon and funny manner).

I need graphics for the header for the home page (approx size: 520x80px to be confirmed).

I need a logo, a Twitter background and banners for Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

You should also be able to produce graphics for a newsletter and for an opt-in box.

Illustrations should be of a character doing exercises (start and action positions).

CATCHY InfoGraph skills are also essential.

Please provide three links to previous branding work.

You must have the capacity to work on an ongoing basis as illustrations will be needed within 48 hours of requesting. Initially one to five illustrations will be required per week then one to five illustrations will be required a day in the near future. Please take a look at and have a look at the presence of their character-this is the same idea for my website.

I also offer bonuses for exceptional work delivered on time.

The brand name will be in all designs and pictures to gain exposure.

You will be needed in the near future to do graphics for eBooks.
You must be available for an interview on SKYPE or Yahoo Messenger and be able to respond FAST! I HATE waiting!

Please state the time zone you are in at the end of your reply.

If you'd like to be a part of an exciting team that strives for excellence, please respond back with ONE PARAGRAPH EACH on:

1) Why we'd be silly not to hire you.
2) What is your favourite quote and why?
3) What prior experience you have that makes you ideal for this job.

Write only those 3 paragraphs so I can consider interviewing you.

Please also attach your portfolio.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing your response.

Thank you!

Skills: graphics, analysis, design, english, facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, linkedin, yahoo, research