Integrated Market Research on Coffee and Products

Integrated Market Research on Coffee and Products


Job Description


We are looking for a professional to develop an integrated market research on coffee for Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia countries.

Content for development

• Vision on coffee business for national consumption
o Coffee type [soluble, roast & ground]
o Consumption location [In-home, out-of-home]
o Consumption time and coffee type
o Portioned Coffee presence
o Competitive Brands
o Market 5 year trends
o Future conditions

• Potential of the partitioned coffee in the region
o Market consumption (volumes in cups)
o Maximum target consumer population
o Partitioned consumer demographics
o Customer acquisition power
o Acceptance of luxury coffee products

Research Guidelines

• Only qualified and trustable sources of information (government websites, private market research companies, official country archive data and statistics)

• 100% original content (CopyScape and other automatic source verification required)

• APA style references


• A formal Word document with appropriate styling and structure, including cover page, table of contents, citations, source management (APA style) and bibliography section with URL references.

• The freelancer must write the word banana in the header of the message, so I know you read the description; otherwise the bid will be considered as spam

• Full proficiency in English language is required.

• A minimum of 30 pages are expected, Font Calibri 11 points, single line spacing.

***DEADLINE: 10 Days

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