Interface (UI) and Element Designer For Websites

Interface (UI) and Element Designer For Websites


Job Description

Hello Everyone!

I have a small web design company in Florida U.S. and Im looking for a designer to help me with designing new website interfaces (all wordpress based) for my local small business clients. Currently, I have been doing all the interface designs, but Im having trouble keeping up and could use some help.

I would prefer an independent contractor like to find someone to go to on a regular basis (long term). I get about 2-3 new sites a month, and generally would need a main interface, sublevels, design elements etc.. I also have a need for someone to design elements for other sites periodically.

You MUST have a good design skills

If you think you can help me and would like to start a relationship doing design work with my company, please let me know:

1. A link to your some of your work
2. Your best hourly rate
3. Hour available

If your interested, I would really like to talk more about a project via skype and hopefully clarify any questions you might have.

Looking forward to hearing back.

All the best, Tom