Intern Writer and Developer/Statistic Data & Legal

Intern Writer and Developer/Statistic Data & Legal


Job Description


I need someone with good written English skills to compose at least 50 - 150 different "how to guides". Someone who wants a chance to be at the possible forefront of a new marketing era. You are not interested in the money but in the quality of your work. Your dedicated, creative and an independent thinker. You stand firm on your own thoughts and are hard to influence your feelings. You don't wait for things to come your way, you run after them.

You should know how to research legal questions and compose statistical data on a chart.

There will be no time demand hourly on you and will be paid upon completion of each project.

Some projects may take you five minutes to write, while others possibly may take a couple of hours. You need to know how to communicate effectively in writing as others will be reading your instructions as training. The end result is mastering and instructing users who visit the site to guide them by the hand.

This is a long term project; hopefully with the position never ending. You will be able to move up in the company as an executive and be in the inside.

Reply if you feel money isn't everything, appreciation, loyalty and recognition are more important than the dollar bill.

And last you must know what a non disclosure and non complete agreement is.

Once the work is written, you will begin from the very first one which you wrote and update it to the current year.

Skills: english, marketing, research, ebay