International Digital News Company hiring 10 News Online Journalists (Philippines)


Job Description

We are a digital news company hiring a new batch of Filipino writers, who will write news articles about Australia (events, people and places).

We are currently looking for News Online Journalists who will have their own byline.

Below are the qualifications and requirements:

1. With a college degree but preference will be given to journalism majors.
2. Experience writing for an online publication and has knowledge in driving traffic and increasing views for a digital publication;
3. Adept in using social media tools such Twitter, Facebook, etc.

1. You are required to write a minimum of 5 articles (minimum 8 paragraphs) per day.
2. Articles must be of high quality.

This is a full time position and will be given a 3-month probation rate of AUD$300 per month plus bonus and incentives when group targets are met.

A written examination will be given to those interested based on your ability to find trending topics and how well-written your submitted articles are. If you are unwilling to take the test, DO NOT APPLY.

Skills: journalism, twitter, facebook, writing, test