International Sales Consultant

International Sales Consultant


Job Description

I sell talent management software to a greenfield market(1-50) employees in the Americas, and I currently sell to India and Asia as well(1-500) employee market.

Looking for a consultant to help me break into the territory, maybe an hour or more of your time giving me strong insight into my problems.

Currently corporate runs an opt in email campaign. I currently run a mass email campaign followed by Odesk telemarketers calling the opened emails for North America.

The website is all corporate I have no control over that.

I currently run webinars and am looking at running consultative webinars on talent management.

If you think you have some groundbreaking ideas for me reach out. I need people to sign up for free trials, get quotes, and I have NO marketing/sales efforts in India/Asia so far.


Trevor Thompson

Skills: management, marketing