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The following web page displays thumbnail pictures as we want it to in the browsers Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

It does NOT display the thumbnails at all in Internet Explorer.

Our source HTML for the header only (which is hosted inside the header section of an InfusionSoft Legacy order form) is what needs the correction. That code is attached.

BE WARNED: This code works just fine outside of the InfusionSoft Legacy Order From Header. It is only when we paste it into the InfusionSoft form do we have a problem, and then, only on Internet Explorer.

Your job has 2 parts:

1) Create code that we can paste into the InfusionSoft Order Form Header that will solve this problem.

2) Create a document showing the exact changes you made to the code, so we know what you did.

If your application contains your code that we can paste into the InfusionSoft Legacy Order Form Header, (just show us you can fix one thumbnail, just to prove you can do it) we will hire you quickly.

Good Luck

Skills: infusionsoft

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