Internet Marketing Assistant & Project Manager

Internet Marketing Assistant & Project Manager


Job Description

We are an online business in the US selling information products on love, dating, relationships and breakups (as well as a side business for youtube marketing)

We have a position available for Internet Marketing Assistant & Project Manager

You must have a great understanding of English.

You will be assisting the director of internet marketing to improve productivity and help drive traffic to our website.

You will have two roles:

1) Project Management Oversight

This will involve organizing and managing the execution of projects according to our key priorities to ensure that everything is moving forward. The actual tasks are listed below; some will be done by you, others will be delegated to others.

2) Internet Marketing Assistant

Daily tasks will involve:

1) Finding forums related to breakups, love, dating and relationships (particularly ones that allow you to have links in the signature and creating accounts)

2) Researching the most relevant threads on 3-5 forums that are directly related to our products/services

3) Organizing the most relevant threads and responding to them yourself or sending them to me to answer via text/podcast for you to transcribe/edit/and post.

Additional responsibilities may include:

Writing comments/reviews on relevant blogs/sites/review sites

Posting podcasts on itunes and stitcher

Transcribing and repurposing content for press releases, document submission sites, articles, blogs etc

Submitting videos to other video sites using syndication (vimeo, viddler, etc)


The aim of all this is to increase our productivity and get our content spread to more spaces, simultaneously increasing the number of backlinks to our site

You must keep a log of all activities and report back to us with daily reports.

If you are interested in this position, please contact me and let me know why you think you would be a good fit for this position.

Also, let me know what experience you have in internet marketing and project management. How many years, for what markets, for what products, etc.

Skills: marketing, youtube, twitter, video, management