Inventor - Design - Planning - Industrial - Construction

Inventor - Design - Planning - Industrial - Construction


Job Description

We are looking for a provider to work with us on a number of items relating to the construction and industrial sector.
We have exiting systems which achieve a defined performance but want to create our own alternatives to simplify the process.
Materials understanding is a must as we have ideas to replace parts including:
- Nylon
- Cold/ hot galv steel
- Stainless Steel

We can provide an overview of current systems on market, consultative involvement with design and the various performance specifications required.
Durability, fire, moisture etc.

Ideally the provider has proven record of creation, prototyping, commissioning or sourcing mass scale production, patents and associated items.
Understanding of international testing procedures not necessary but understanding the performance to be achieved is essential. We will provide testing specifications as required.
We have access to small scale test facilities, but will finish by full scale testing through the appropriate laboratories.

We will have provider sign NDA and communicate with an overview communication style to ensure the performance and objectives are understood before we select a provider and provide full disclosure.
The rights and royalties will be held by us.

I look forward to hearing from the right provider.

In terms of the contract we are open for discussion. Location does not affect selection for the right candidate.

It will be fixed price job after the selection of rite candidate.

Thank you