Investment Research Report Aggregator

Investment Research Report Aggregator


Job Description

Investment Research Report Aggregator

This jobs requires your own access to a database such as Capital IQ or similar databse for investment banking analyst reports.

I need someone to identify key wall street analysts and find, monitor, aggregate and send selected investment research reports in PDF format to my kindle and Dropbox accounts.

There will be two types of reports desired. A minimum of 1 report per week but we expect 2-4 reports normally from 1-2 hours of weekly work.

The final objective is to put together model long term portfolios based on industry structure.

1) Industry Basic Reports - this is a report(s) that describe the industry structure. The email deliverable should consist of the following at the least:
a) Top Analysts in the area
b) Any basic wall street industry reports dating back over the last 3 years
A chart graphing the industry vs the S&P 500 would be a plus
We will request other metrics as time goes on. Or you may suggest other reports.

Initial industries of interest include REITs, Social Networking (and other technology industry reports), Oil and Gas (especially fracking) and Gold Mining

2) Company Basic Reports - these are reports that describe the company in detail. Based on the industry reports, I will ask for report aggregations of different companies. The email deliverable should consist of the following at the least:
a) Yahoo finance or other suitable front page
a) Key analysts covering the company
b) Basic Wall Street Company Reports
c) PowerPoint presentations (ideally 2 slides to a page) given by the company to analysts/investor community (usually found on their website or with a quick google search)
d) S1 or 10K describing thecompany
Again, a chart comparing the stock vs the industry vs the S&P 500 would be a plus.

Currently thinking starting this as a 1-2 hour per week job which will run for at least the next 12 months. I assume 2-4 reports per week depending on the productivity of the person. Depending on success, hours may increase.

The successful candidate will send me an example Wall Street Industry Report and/or Wall Street Company report as well as indicate what databases they will use.

Also this person should also have the ability to monitor reorts to let us know when new Basic reports come out.

Skills: research, pdf, finance, kindle, yahoo