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Job Description

I am looking to develop an app based on this website

It is going to have similar features: http://www.bhomes.com/ so please go through this site thoroughly

The project must be worked on from scratch and everything has to be created
- Mock Up, Wireframe Creation of the Iphone and Ipad from the requirements given and then will be finalized and reviewed by my team and feedback will be given
- After this you will progress to design phase of the ui and again you can finalize with us. We will provide color themes, some examples and then it is up to you to be creative. You will need to come up with the best way to develop the app after examining the site (tabbed application or master - detail) , tables, buttons, views activity, etc - you basically need to go through the requirements and propose the best way to organize the data based on requirements document
- Then starts the development where you will find a hosting site to host the database (preferably mysql but i am open to suggestions) and the webservice
- database will hold all the info of users and all the info in the site
- develop the iphone and ipad apps using native code (xcode) based on the design
- the phone and tablet app should be based on the designs.
- the apps should consume the web service to get data from the database
- the phone app should get users current location as well and be able to store such info and retrieve info from the database based on the users location
- you need to be good at writing clean efficient sql queries so the experience to user is seemless
- the app should have super user experience and be fast
- the code should be provided at the end of the project which is well commented
- the app would then be put on the marketplace under our name, we would provide you with the details.
- we also need all the phases to be well documented so we could use it as a case study and this document should be submitted to us at the end of the project preferably in pdf format
- Once the start date is finalized, the candidate will have up to 3 weeks to finish the task
- The price set is not completely fixed although the room for negotiation is not too much
- I want to see sample of work you have done and it would be an additional advantage if you did similar projects not in terms of the industry but in terms of architecture and the tasks involved
- Finally you must be able to communicate clearly and speak good clear English. It would be nice if you are creative and give some suggestions, thought outside the box.

Please add me on skype so we could have an interview and speed up the process of getting this job started. Just tell me the job you are interested in doing when you start the conversation.


Shawn Frank

Skills: web-services, design, json

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