JPEG Design to HTML, CSS and PHP

JPEG Design to HTML, CSS and PHP


Job Description

I have 6 web pages to be developed. This is phase 1 out of 3. If you do phase 1 well for me, you will likely get rewarded to do the other 2 phases.

Phase 1:

Usually you get a website design in PSD format and then you slice it and you create a website. Well that is what will happen in phase 2, for this phase, all we are trying to do is get the functionality right but the site should look pretty similar to the JPEGS I have attached. I will give you the PSD's if you want, along with the JPEGs and I need you to create the HTML, CSS and PHP version of this site. The pages are below:

- Home
- About
- Makana (Heavy - Light)
- Upload
- Contact

All the pages are ready except upload. I am just waiting to get the fields needed in upload. Whenever the user uploads something from the upload page using a form, they will select heavy or light, and based on that it will feature on the Makana Page (heavy or light). The Makana's are ranked based on which ever is uploaded last, shows first.

Home and about just has some dummy content, you can get it from the psd and jpeg screens.

Very Simple website with 6 screens in html/css/php/mysql. You will host this on my server.

Phase 2:
The functionality will remain the same, all you will have to do, is implement the new design of the site over here. Then we must make the site responsive and it should have a wordpress backend.

Phase 3:
Create a user management portal and have an online payment system.

Right now, all I need is Phase 1. If someone gives me a good price and has good expertise and is reliable, I will not only give you Phase 2 and 3, but you will get a whole host other projects from me.

I am looking for

- Someone who is experienced in HTML, HTML5, Css, CSS3, PHP, Mysql, Javascript and Wordpress
- You do not have to be a designer but have a decent eye for good design
- Know how to slice psd files as I will almost always give you psd files to work with
- A good person, easy to get along with, understands and does the work but at the same time contributes ideas and opinions which will help the project
- Always gives work 1-2 days ahead of schedule
- Fast worker, good communication, always available, willing to work on saturday and sunday if required to get the task done.
- Send me a very simple and small application, tell me why I should hire you, your experience, links to some of your work. Very important for long term, show me some of your best responsive websites.
- I have had good and bad experiences with people on facebook, I want someone I can trust. See my history, I keep going back to the same people.

You need to have a skype account so I can interview you. I need this project, Phase 1 delivered by 11th. This is just 6 very simple pages. If interested ONLY, please apply.


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