Java Developer Guru

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

Project Description:
I am looking for Java Developer guru who is very knowledgeable in developing GUI applications using Java Swing. Server integration via a REST API experience is also a requirement. Your job will be to take a .jar file and create an installation package for it so that users can install the .jar file on Windows, Mac and Linux with all common variants of Java 6 and Java 7. Your installer will need to be smart about existing installs, file conflicts, etc.

General Requirements:
- You are a Java expert (technical design, implementation, test)
- You will fix all bugs that affect user experience and performance of your install app
- You will create test cases for your installer app

Bonus Points:
- You love playing minecraft
- You have built minecraft client plugins
- You have built installers for minecraft client plugins

- You didn't take the time to read the General Requirements
- You send me nothing but your copy and paste response that you send everyone else
- You do not have at least 100 hours of development work logged on oDesk
- You do not have at least 4.5 stars average rating

Skills: design, test, linux