Java Programmer for Desktop application


Job Description


We have built several Java desktop software programs for Mac and PC.

We are looking for a full time Java developer to update the software features add new ones when necessary.

Please note that we are searching for Java programmers exclusively, not javascripters.

English proficiency is a must.

Oracle certified developers will have absolute priority over the rest.

Tell us about your Java experience in your cover letter and provide us with screenshots or Demo Examples of the Java applications you have built.

Start your cover letter with the phrase “I know Java”.

Application from India/ Pakistan/ Bangladesh will be discarded automatically, so don´t bother applying.

Describe the java frameworks you are familiar with, and how have you integrated them in your projects.

This is an unique full-time, long-term job opportunity, so please take the time to read everything carefully and write a detailed cover letter.

Kind regards,

Skills: english

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