Java Specialist


Job Description

We need a Java EE developer to work on an average sized application with the following overall characteristics:

- DynamoDB (amazon)

- Memcached

- Java EE (framework can be suggested, but should be really lightweight, deployment will be done on amazon beanstalk)

- Solr

All documentation will be provided upon contact.

This is how we will work on this project, please read carefully

- detailed specs will be given before starting the project, specs include sequence and model diagrams, along with textual description of all features

- once the project is well understood and doubts are clear, estimated time necessary for the whole project is given and the contract hours limits will be set based on that first estimation

- the team is composed of highly skilled tech people, so in case complexities or unplanned things come up, additional price is always renegotiable

- Bonus price is paid in case the project gets delivered 2 days before the agreed due date

- all management is done using Trello ( )

Hope you enjoy working with us
See you there !

Skills: amazon