Java and Android Mobile App for Action Confirmation

Java and Android Mobile App for Action Confirmation


Job Description

The app should work like this:

It will have 3 main screens

Screen 1 - App Login :
The user should be authenticated locally via a 4 digit PIN to access the app and be directed to Screen 2 on successful authentication.

Screen 2 - App Home Screen:
This screen should display a list of items with their Unique No, Owner Info and Status. This list should be pulled from a webservice by hitting an API. Status of an item can be Pending or Completed. Items in the Pending state can be selected for further action. Multiple item selection should be allowed only for items with the same Owner Info. Items in Completed state should be unselectable and grayed out. After selection is done, hitting the "Next" button should go to Screen 3

Screen 3 - Confirmation Screen:
This screen should list the item(s) that were previously selected in Screen 2. A text box on this screen should accept a confirmation code for the selected items. Hitting "Send" should on this screen should trigger an SMS to be sent to a predefined no. The content of the SMS will be the item(s) information and confirmation code. A SMS will be sent in reply with either Success or Failure. This SMS should not be accessible in the phone's SMS inbox. If Success is received, display Success Message, move to Screen 2 and change item(s) status to Completed (unselectable, grayed out). If Failure is received, display Failure Message and display Screen 3 again where user has to re-try confirmation code.

- Java App is targeted towards low end phones, so the app footprint should be small and should support multiple display sizes.
- Android app should run on ICS
- It is expected that the developer delivers QA tested code.

Skills: qa