Javascript / Angularjs / ASP.NET MVC 4 developer needed

Javascript / Angularjs / ASP.NET MVC 4 developer needed


Job Description

I am an experienced software developer with over 20 years in the software industry. I need help with a web application project I'm working on. I am looking for someone who is a guru in Javascript and who is also familiar with the Angularjs Javascript framework developed by Google. I am building a very progressive HTML 5/ Javascript single page application that is based on the Angularjs framework. I need help on the client side with writing mainly Javascript, HTML, and CSS. The Angularjs framework supports the MVC approach to development and I need someone who can write advanced Javascript code. I also need help with my server side code, which is written in ASP.NET MVC 4 with C#.

All of my code is hosted on the web, using TFS, and the developer will need access to Visual Studio 2012 and SQL Express. Free versions of these are available from Microsoft.

The most important skill to me is a really strong aptitude for advanced Javascript development combined with Angularjs.

Skills: mvc