Javascript Anime Character Creation and Animation

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Job Description

We have a Javascript based webpage where user's can select and give a name to their own Virtual Pet Rock.

The page was developed to teach users how they can select single item from a list with only binary Yes/No Answers.

(and see the Site\*.* folder content in the file below)

So far we have:

1. List of images (pet candidates) we call Rahhhks (Rocks)
(see the Rahhhks\*.* folder content in the file below)

2. The ability to select an individual Rahhhk

3. The ability to select a name for the Rahhhk from a list of 64 names.

To complete this web page (and for other projects we have in our development queue) we need a developer with significant Javascript, Image Processing, Python, and Math Skills.

We would like to give our Pet Rahhhks some personality with our own version of Xeyes, which are eyes that follow the current location of a user's cursor.

For an explanation of how this is done see:
If you have a mac... have a look at this as well:

However in addition to the eyes following the cursor we would like the eyes to randomly blink. To enable that we have contracted with an artist who created the still frames of a set of anime eyes, (see [Eye animation.rar] in the file below) that we would like to have dynamically selected and overlayed on top of our Pet Rahhhks.

Here's an example of what blinking Anime eyes look like:

The attached file .oDeskPetRahhhkAnimationJobDescription.txt has a complete description of this project, and this file is also included in the .zip file that you can download from dropbox.

Skills: mathematics

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