Javascript Programmer for Mobile Devices (Adult Content)


Job Description

Hi there -

We need the someone to develop the following.

Objective: In javascript, create functionality so that when a mobile user uses the back button it redirects to a page other than the page the user arrived from.

User Flow: click on a banner on Page 'A', be directed to Page 'B' - and then if the user presses the back button, have then diverted to Page 'C' instead of going back to Page 'A'.

Note: you do don't need to design any landing pages at all - we want to be able to apply your code to our own landing pages. Please keep in mind that this needs to work on mobile phones.

Example: (PLEASE NOTE: The link contains ADULT CONTENT) ***must use a mobile user agent plugin and possibly a US proxy

Please submit for application:
- time requirements
- delivery date
- general process

Skills: banner, design