Javascript Programmer for Mobile Devices


Job Description

Hi there,

We're looking for a mobile web programmer with the ability to work in PHP and Javascript to hijack the back button on a landing page. Please click the following link to see an example of what I'm looking for (PLEASE NOTE: The link contains ADULT CONTENT):

What we're trying to achieve is for a user to click on a banner on Page 'A', be directed to Page 'B' - and then if the user presses the back button, have then diverted to Page 'C' instead of going back to Page 'A'.

The example link provided does a perfect job of this - I'm just not sure how they do it!

We're basically looking for the backend Javascript to make this happen - you do don't need to design any landing pages at all - we want to be able to apply your code to our own landing pages. Please keep in mind that this needs to work on mobile phones.

Think you're able to make this happen? I'd love to hear from you!

Please provide an outline of how you will make this work (which I will forward to my tech team) as well as some examples of your previous projects.


Skills: banner, design