Job Agent Assistant - Find Me Writing Work

Job Agent Assistant - Find Me Writing Work


Job Description

I am a financial writer, working for a variety of websites. With all of my writing work,it is difficult for me to also look for additional jobs when short term assignments are ending.

Your task:

Search all available resources on the internet and find writing work for me. The writing topics always include eBooks and Market News in Forex, Binary Options, Personal Finance, and related topics.

Your payment:

You will receive 10% of whatever I make for the work. Generally, I charge $0.12 per word, so if you find work for me at this rate, you will make 0.012 for every word I WRITE.

This means you will still be earning money even after only I am doing the real writing work.

So, there is an incentive for you to get me the highest rate possible. I MAKE MORE, YOU MAKE MORE.

Essentially, you will be my "writing agent" and you will also communicate with these jobs in email when they have additional questions I dont have time to answer. So, you will be a personal assistant in some ways as well.

I have a high level of expertise in this business and this can easily be a long term working relationship as long as you are able to consistently find and arrange new writing projects for me.

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