Joomla 1.5 - eshop multivendor component needed

Joomla 1.5 - eshop multivendor component needed


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The job is still open, as contractor has bailed out telling me not able to do it afterall.....

I have a joomla 1.5 website ready and i want to add a component which will allow a User to login into the front end and then through a module to add their store under a specific store category. then the user will be able to add edit or delete their item.

Following a website visitor will come on the website and see this module, select shop category, sellect city and then see all available shops in that category and city. Following the visitor will be able to select a store and browse its products, request information on a specific product and in future be able place his order.

This is the basic idea. I prefer this done with Virtuemart but if not possible it can be done with any other component or even with a custom built one.

Admin Backend
1.administer user
2.administer shops
3.add shop categories
4.add city

Frontend Shop Owner Section
1. Login
2. Add shop name
3. Choose shop category
4. Add Product categories within shop
5. Add products items
6 Edit Products items
7. delete Items

Frontend Visitor

1 Be able search ad browse for specific store name or category
2. be able browse store Items and see them
3. Be able ask question about specific Items and in future order

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