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Hello, this job has two aspects to it:

My current website is in the middle of being upgraded from joomla 1.5 to joomla 2.5 .My website accepts submissions for a range of articles under different categories. No one is required to log in or register their name in order to send in an article. However, every article is automatically set as "unapproved" for me to approve once an article is submitted. Since there are so many categories, I want an article submission form to break up the categories so that it is easy to choose which section to submit to.

An example of this is as follows:
Dropdown Box 1 will have categories like - Soccer Teams, Baseball teams, BasketBall teams. If someone clicks on Soccer Teams then another dropdown box comes down with a list of Soccer Teams to choose from. underneath they will write their article and click submit.

I want an email to be sent to me once someone adds an article so that I can send an email response back to approve, alter or decline the article. I also want to be able to automatically set the "read more" so that when I Approve the article, it is automatically placed in its correct category with a pre-set read more.

Other features that I want on the article submit form is for the author to be able to click on a button to receive a notification of any comments written on his article, as well as a click button to sign up to the weekly newsletter. I also would like some sort of security to make sure that a real person is entering an article. I would also be happy to hear any furthe recommendations that you would have!!

2) Need someone with access to joomla extensions to download a suitable RokGallery for my joomla 2.5 website (the one used with the template "Voxel")

Skills: english

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