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Joomla Community features


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Basically i want the same community of
You can understand what i'm talking about looking this link:

i need this community to encourage people to write and click my website
just like is written here:
a system of points and badges which you’ll earn for every different type of action you take. For example, you will receive points for each poem you write, each poem you review, etc.

When you earn enough points for each category of action, you will receive a badge. There are currently 8 different badges you can earn, for eight different actions you can take. There are also six Master Badges. The Master Badge is the Grand Total of all the points you have earned from all the actions you have taken while participating in the community."
obviously i'm gonna change badges but the project is this.

i have a CB Quickstart Pro Package here
i'm not sure if there are good components for what i wanna do, actually

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