Joomla Gallery Component

Joomla Gallery Component


Job Description

This is a PHP coding project. If you do not know PHP do not apply please because I will not hire you.

What I am looking for is a Joomla Album/gallery component to be developed.

Requirements for this gallery--

One click install
One click album/gallery creation from both front end or back end
Batch uploading from both front end and back end
Batch uploading using Java(i believe), but if you think FTP is better that is fine
professionally displayed(no cute bubbly teenager icons like phoca)
facebook share/comment integration

Requirements that will warrant *****BONUS MONEY****

-pay per download option
-multiple templates
-ability to change templates colors EASILY(i enter in color code ##)
-new pics uploaded feature
-most viewed feature
-flash version
-unique and very cool display (mac affect,floating albums, creative slideshow, etc)

>>>>****Main focus****<<<<<

-one click install
-batch uploading

I barely know how to use FTP, I dont know anything about CSS, HTML, PHP or anything else so this cant be a technical component. Needs to be a component that an 80 year old grandma who can barely work her email be able to use.
*************** THIS NEEDS TO BE IDIOT PROOF**********

-----------what I mean by this is I want this to be as easy as facebook. Login create an album and upload pictures to that album.

Thats it!!! It needs to be that simple=login >create album>fill album with pics


If you dont know how facebook works..........

How facebook works I click on create a new album. Name it and then select the "browse" button and then select as many photos as I desire to be publishe to that album. After clicking publish I have the option of renaming each picture along with various other options.

****** I am not concerned with tagging and those other various options******

What I want is a gallery that allows me to create an album and upload pictures in under 10 seconds. The component must be packed in a zip file and install on its own when I click upload and install from the extensions manager on my Joomla admin dashboard.

>>>>>>>If I have already lost you than your not the PHP/Joomla coder I am looking for<<<<<<<<

*********DEAL BREAKERS********

multiple click install
no batch uploading
no frontend functionality
having to manually set destination folders or some other coding relating task that should be automated
no watermark options
no facebook API
no commenting
Gawdy or kiddy looking presentation
Borders on my photos

everything must be automated or IDIOT PROOF as I like to call it

Building from scratch is ideal but in an effort to save money, time and more logical
I have multiple I MEAN MULTIPLE programs that are close to what I want but missing a few key elements. If you would prefer to tweak one them to satisfy me that is PERFECTLY FINE just let me know and I would be more than happy to provide them.

If you wish to create completley from scratch that is what I would prefer, but you have the skills I dont so you tell me the best the approach.

And to make sure you have actually read this post and know what I want please respond with "IDIOT PROOF COMPONENT" in your first line and we will go from there.

I know this is a project which is why I have such a high budget. I by no means believe it to cost that much, but am sick of working with amateurs to build this so lets see what the professionals have to offer.

Skills: facebook