Joomla site: new design and testing

Joomla site: new design and testing


Job Description

I have a freelancer website designed in Joomla.

I need the following doing:
1. new design including logo
2. new content - text and images
3. testing of site functionality
4. link with CB and CB facebook connect


Template will be provided. you will need to add content including text, images and links similar of,,

The project is to write equivalent content for each and every pages and subpages under the following links:

Also write yet for terms and conditions, privacy policy, copyright,
Please note guidance will be given to specifics of my site.

Also all work provided must be original and must not break any copyright laws.

You will need to add images and design in html to give web look rather than a text page.

You will need to update it so it works with Community Builder, regustration pricess , setup the profiles and ensure CB facebook connect works.

You will need to test the functionality and provide me with a report and demo of what testing has been completed. Any bugs must be fixed. You will be able to liase with the developer of the 2 paid extensions I am using.

Only ftp and joomla super user access will be given. No mysql database will be given.

Please note I am only interested in offers where full payment is made on completion - no deposits.

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