Journalist Needs Help Analyzing Data: Excel - Filemaker Pro

Journalist Needs Help Analyzing Data: Excel - Filemaker Pro


Job Description


I am a veterans advocate and journalist working on a project pertaining to veterans and their usage of ed benefits from 2005 to 2012.

Data: I have around 100 PDF reports from the MN Department of Veterans Affairs that I am having a tough time synthesizing about college usage across the state. These are all OCRd using Acrobat Pro XI.

Goal: To convert the data over to excel / macros / vbs / filemaker pro, whatever I can use to help us analyze trending. It should be relatively straight forward for a pro, but I just don't know enough about excel to manipulate the data the right way. I'm looking for someone who can create a basic database - either in excel or Filemaker.

Fields: I would like to be able to search trending by college (including overall list of colleges each month in each report), by benefit type (Chapter 30, etc), by month, by year, over the course of years, etc. My hope is to detect any nuances in the data that would not be apparent to the casual glance.

Problem: When I convert the files from PDF to excel, they do not obviously transfer straight over, so there is some degree of manipulation.

I will include one of the PDF's so you can see what I am working with. I'd like to get a project bid or maybe a referral to someone who could help. My budget is not huge by any means, but the information is important.

Depending on how this project goes, I'd like to work on something a little bigger about veterans disability. There is a ton of data out there that I would like to put into a database format to analyze trending. Right now, the government puts it up in excel every week, but without a database type setup, analyzing trends is impossible.

For now, just let me know if the PDF issue would be of interest.

Skills: pdf

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