Jquery Mobile

Jquery Mobile


Job Description

Creation of a Chrome App which:

1) Takes data from a Google Apps script Spreadsheet using Contentservice


2) The content service should make the Spreadsheet available in JSON similar to this


3) The JSON needs to transformed to JQUERYmobile website for instance using a templating system like handlebarsjs.com

4) The JQM website is for display both on desktop and IPAD, Android TAB, there is no need to show it on a phone. There should be a facebook like navigation like:


5) The Chrome app will be used as a software manual, with for every step a picture. This picture (screenshot) should be presented both inline in the JQUERY mobile, but also should have the ability to show the screenshots in
a) http://www.photoswipe.com/ or
b) http://lab.hakim.se/reveal-js/#/

6) Package the APP up in chrome

Skills: json