Killer Creative Writer needed for Internet Marketer


Job Description

Your role will be in taking transcriptions for my videos and other forms of content and re-purposing them into multiple forms of content like HubPages, Squidoo Lenses, Articles, Blog Posts, etc.

You MUST be able to take my voice, my way of thinking and my point of view
and write in a way where it fully interprets my voice. This will require you spending time with me via phone, as well as watching several of my videos and reading my previous blog posts so that you can properly convey my voice as though you were me.

This is a long term position, as I plan on adding you to my team for multiple
upcoming projects. If you are looking for a "side gig" and are "desperate for
money" this WILL NOT be a good fit.

However, if you eat, breathe and sleep writing, and you're looking to build a
long term relationship so you can be apart of a growing team, with a huge
vision and tons of opportunity, then this will be the perfect place to call home,
with our team!

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