Job Description

Hi we are Kweek, a sports startup based in Vienna Austria. We wish to create a mobile app that allows us to find other people in the database based on time and location and allows us to arrange meetings with other people, known or unknown at a certain time at a certain place. We have a designer and database on standby to help you. We need a programmer that get us a working alpha version for android. We wish users to be able to create a profile, logon and invite their friends or if needed invite strangers from our database to help complete a group for a match or meeting. We want to be a GPS enabled meeting radar that allows you to meet people anywhere in the world and share experiences with them. go to for our pitch deck. There you can have an idea of what we want to do. WARNING at the moment we have only 1000€ available to start programming our app. As soon as we have a working alpha version we will have more money available, as we have made contact with investors but they need to see a working product. Unfortunately we are investing from our own money and that's our budget at the moment. We are open for partnerships. If you read this document then we will kindly ask you to type "I love sports" at the start of your reply email. Thanks in advance for your time. Francisco Falcão

Skills: sports, gps, mobile-application-development