Language Organizer


Job Description

I am creating a collection of metaphors and idioms and other kinds of interesting language in a large spreadsheet. I need someone who can copy and paste large amounts of words and phrases from a dictionary or list to a spreadsheet, for example. You may also have a script with language patterns in it, and your task is to read through it and copy and paste the metaphors, idioms etc into the spreadsheet and organize them.

You need to be able to remove duplicates using formulas.

You also need to be able to identify an idiom, metaphor and simile and know the difference.

I will pay $1.00 per 100 organized. This is a large, long term job.

Do you have Dropbox installed on your computer?
Do you have a Gmail email account? Do you use Google Docs?
Do you have a Skype profile? (I only use Skype, no Gchat)
Can you complete this in 2 days?
Have you used WordPress before?
What days of the week are you available? What hours? Can you start immediately?
What is the difference between an idiom, a metaphor and an analogy?

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