Lead Developer for Project Management System

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Job Description

We are looking for a company or talented individual to support us in building a prototype of a new product. This is for the core code and stand-up of the project. Note that I will be looking for a UI designer separately, though if you would like to work on both parts that could work.

Here is a high-level outline of the project requirements:

- Set up basic hosting infrastructure and application infrastructure (EC2, etc.)
- Develop core web application, building off of design document provided by our team (e.g., data architecture has been thought out, draft database structures will be provided in the design document)
- Rapidly iterate with team members to get to a working prototype as quickly as possible
- Manage/support ongoing development as needed

Key skills I am looking for:
- Communication. You need to be responsive and highly-available online, over the phone, etc. I don't need to video chat but I am not averse to it.
- Focus. I have led development of numerous prototype projects, I have a vision and clarity around the minimally functional product; let's get here first. The product has to be simple to use, so the question is going to be "what don't we build?"
- Speed. I believe two folks are better than one. Having someone work to implement the DB and another working on the application layer makes good sense. My goal is to finish prototyping quickly (3-4 weeks).
- Frameworks. Simple, simple, simple. I am thinking Ruby but open to alternatives here. I want to work from a blank slate.

Skills: design, video, prototyping, management

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